Tudor Revels

Arts Award - Explore

Arts Award - Explore

About this session

Key Stage 2 | Subject: History, English (spoken language and artistic practice of drama) | Topics: Tudors | Session Type: Classroom-based

In this session children are introduced to one of the works of John Skelton, who wrote many poems and plays (masques) for Henry VIII's pleasure.

Children will explore and rehearse one masque and perform it in the Great Hall.

Learning Objectives
Children will:

  • Understand Tudor Literature.
  • Find out what a masque is and how and why they were performed at the Tudor court.
  • Perform a piece of contemporary Tudor poetry in a historic space.

National Curriculum Links
This session supports:


  • Extending chronological knowledge beyond 1066.
  • Developing appropriate used of historical terms.

English (spoken language)

  • Participating in role-play and performances.
  • Building vocabulary/developing a broader, deeper and richer vocabulary (to discuss abstract concepts).

English (reading)

  • Listening to and discuss poetry.
  • Identifying how language, structure and presentation contribute to meaning.


Booking information

10.45 & 12.45
90 minutes
Up to 35 pupils
£105 plus admission

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