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Upstairs, Downstairs

About this session

Key Stage 2 | Subject: History | Topics: Tudors | Session Type: Route-based

Led by a costumed presenter, this palace route-based session encourages pupils to explore the idea that Hampton Court is a palace of two halves. Using the palace as source material, pupils explore the notion of hierarchy and status within the Tudor court and how these are reflected in the buildings of the palace.

This session develops pupils’ historical enquiry skills, highlighting that we can use architectural features and furnishings to understand the rank and status of those who would have used and occupied the lower and upper parts of the palace.

This session links well with The Ambassador's Secret Assignment digital mission.

National Curriculum Links
This session supports:

  • Asking and answering questions, choosing and using parts of stories and other sources to show knowledge and understanding of key features of events.
  • Understanding some of the ways in which we find out about the past and identify different ways in which it is represented.

Booking information

Monday to Friday
10.30, 11.45, 13.15
One hour
Up to 35 pupils
£93 plus admission

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