Royal Ghosts online curator talk

LIVE on Crowdcast, Wednesday 21 October 7.00 pm

LIVE on Crowdcast, Wednesday 21 October 7.00 pm


Wednesday 21 October, 7.00pm (BST)

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The event will be online only, LIVE on Crowdcast. The event is free to join but we ask you to consider making a donation of £10 or whatever you can afford. 


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As the nights draw in, join Historic Royal Palaces' Joint Chief Curator Lucy Worsley along with Sarah Slater and Dan Jackson for spine-chilling tales from Hampton Court Palace’s past. This one is not for the faint-hearted!

From the Tudor royal nurse who is said to haunt her former lodgings, to the peculiar sighting of a mysterious figure, captured by the palace security cameras only a few years ago, Hampton Court Palace has witnessed a host of spooky sightings across the centuries. 

Queen Katherine Howard is said to roam the palace’s aptly named ‘Haunted Gallery’, whilst her predecessor, Queen Jane Seymour, is said to haunt the palace’s courtyards, looking for her lost son.  After dark, Hampton Court Palace is certainly eerie and atmospheric.  But how much can we prove – and where do the ghost stories come from?

Lucy will be joined by Sarah Slater – a State Apartment Warder, who locks up the palace at night and is familiar with its darkest and most mysterious secrets.  Alongside Sarah, Buildings Curator Dan Jackson will explore some of the real-life stories behind Hampton Court’s ghostliest tales.  Get set for some goosebumps…..

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This event is free to join, but we ask you to consider making a donation of £10 or whatever you can afford. 

Historic Royal Palaces is a self-funding charity. The closure of our six sites for four months following the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our finances. We have begun the phased re-opening of some of our sites, and would love you to show support for us by visiting. We have restricted the number of people allowed on site each day, so you will have the chance of seeing these wonderful places up close, without the usual crowds.

We look forward to you joining our online event.

An early postcard depicting a 'ghost' in the Horn Room.
The ghost is that of King Henry VIII's fifth wife, Catherine Howard. Charged with adultery, the young queen was placed under house arrest at Hampton Court. The story goes that she managed to escape from her rooms and run to the Chapel where the King was at Mass. Before she was able to reach him, she was seized by the guards and dragged screaming back to her rooms. It is said that her ghost still haunts the palace today.

Hauntings at Hampton Court Palace

What ghosts have been seen at Hampton Court Palace?

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The Haunted Gallery at Hampton Court, looking west.
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Walk Henry VIII’s route from his private apartments to the Chapel and see the infamous Haunted Gallery in the State Apartments.


Hampton Court Palace

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Aerial view of a formal garden with green lawns on either side of a main path running towards the baroque palace. A fountain runs in the foreground at the centre of the path
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Take time to explore and relax in these world-renowned gardens without the usual crowds.


Hampton Court Palace

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The Tudor Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace, showing the Abraham Tapestries and the room set out for day visitors.
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Experience the splendour of the Tudor court in Henry VIII's Great Hall, complete with his magnificent tapestries.


Hampton Court Palace

Included in palace admission (members go free)

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