Summer live performance

Meet our characters from history as they pop up around the palace

Meet our characters from history as they pop up around the palace


01 - 26 August

10.30 – 17.00

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Included in palace admission (members go free)

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This summer we proudly present a new programme of performances within the Palace. Talented writers and cast have given voice to the underrepresented stories of Hampton Court Palace using their own lived experiences.

This programme has been produced by Debbie Hicks, directed by Alexander Lass, and created in collaboration with the Company as credited below.

The Dark Lady's Song - Written by Naomi Sheldon
Help Emilia Bassano Lanier and her husband Alphonso Lanier with their latest musical creation. Join them for music and singing.

Born into a family of Venetian-Jewish heritage, Emilia was a poet, teacher, and celebrated musician during the reign of Elizabeth I in the 1600s. She was fiery, passionate, and well ahead of her time! 
Location: Great Hall
Time: 11.00 and 14.00
Duration: 15mins approximately


The Chancellor and the Ambassador -Written by Kaamil Shah.
Join Abd al-Wahid bin Mas’ud bin Mohammed Al—Annuri as he tries to persuade Robert Cecil, Chief Advisor to Queen Elizabeth I, into an Anglo-Moroccan alliance.

Al-Annuri was the Moroccan Ambassador to Elizabeth I’s court in 1600. He was charming, charismatic, and clever. While in England, Al-Annuri also had his portrait painted, which is said to be the first of a Muslim in England.
Location: Council Chamber
Time: 11.45 and 14.45
Duration: 15mins approximately


Renaissance - Written by Rabiah Hussain.
Meet ‘Aura Soltana’, as she reclaims her story and empowers herself as the ultimate Tudor trendsetter and fashionista!

Enslaved in Central Asia, ‘Aura Soltana’ was gifted to Queen Elizabeth I by English merchant, Anthony Jenkinson, around 1560. Of Muslim heritage, she brought new style and fashions to the English court and soon became a favourite of the Queen.
Location: Great Watching Chamber
Time: 12.30 and 15.30
Duration: 15mins approximately


Home for a Princess - Written by Rosanna Suppa
Join Catherine Duleep Singh and Lina Schäfer in 1904, as they celebrate Catherine’s return following a long tour of her Punjab homeland.

Neither feel that England is their ‘home’, but how will they decide where to go next?

Catherine and her partner Lina were champions of women’s right to vote, and Edwardian LGBTQ+ icons. Catherine was the second daughter of the deposed Maharaja of the Sikh Empire. She was also Goddaughter to Queen Victoria. Catherine lived at Faraday House, part of the Hampton Court Estate, as a Grace-and-Favour resident until 1908.
Location: Wine cellar, Henry VIII's kitchens
Time: 13.15 and 16.15
Duration: 15mins approximately


Director - Alexander Lass
Alexander is a London-based Anglo-American theatre director with a keen interest in identity and otherness, illuminating surprising stories that often explore the intersectionality of Jewishness past, present, and future.

Producer - Debbie Hicks 
Debbie Hicks is an award-winning producer with a primary focus on new writing and reviving lesser-known works in unconventional places and ways. Based in London's East End, Debbie’s production company, DHP, produce and manage exceptional live entertainment under their own banner as well as on behalf of other companies.

Composer (The Dark Lady’s Song) – Bill Barclay
Director, writer and composer Bill Barclay is artistic director of Concert Theatre Works. He was director of music at Shakespeare’s Globe from 2012-2019


Rabiah Hussain
Rabiah is a London based playwright and screenwriter with projects at The Royal Court Theatre and Clerkenwell Films.

Kaamil Shah 
Kaamil is a writer for film, TV and theatre, passionate about telling the stories of the Indian and Pakistani diaspora.

Naomi Sheldon 
Naomi is a writer and actor currently developing original projects with companies such as Expectation Entertainment and The Forge while also adapting Michelle Frances’ novel THE GIRLFRIEND for Imaginarium Productions.

Rosanna Suppa
Rosanna Suppa is a writer and performer with a passionate and distinctive voice who is particularly interested in bringing untold working class and queer stories to life—without the bleakness that usually accompanies them.


Al-Annuri/Ali ~ Nicholas Gauci
Al-Annuri/Ali ~ Mohsen Ghaffari
Alphonso/Cecil ~ Eddie Andrews
Alphonso/Cecil ~ Mikey Brett
Aura Soltana ~ Nada Babikir
Aura Soltana ~ Layla Jalaei
Catherine Duleep Singh ~ Chaya Gupta
Catherine Duleep Singh ~ Tamara Verhoven Clyde
Emilia Bassano Lanier ~ Heloise Lowenthal
Emilia Bassano Lanier ~ Eleni Varon
Lina Schafer ~ Emma Laird Craig
Lina Schafer + U/S Emilia ~ Julia Stone

Stage Manager ~ Alastair Day
Deputy Stage Manager ~ Melody Wright

Historic cooks preparing food in Henry VIII's Kitchens
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Join our historic cooks every weekend to discover what life working in King Henry VIII’s kitchens was like in the 16th century.

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Hampton Court Palace

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Two men and one woman in loose historical costume - white shirts and colourful pantaloons - gleefully perform scenes from the summer play at Hampton Court Palace. They are gathered around a large multicoloured wheel on an easel, with handles for spinning to select a skit to perform.
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Join Bottom and the Mechanicals this summer as they make their long-awaited return to Hampton Court Palace – the original home of A Midsummer’s Night Dream – to host a half-hour extravaganza of sketches, games and interactive family fun!

06 August - 21 August

Hampton Court Palace

11.30, 13.30, 15.30

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A boy holds up a toy sword and shouts as children play in the background at the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace
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Meet mysterious beasts, storm the battlements and discover the secret grotto in the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace.

Open daily until 04 September

Hampton Court Palace


Included in palace admission (members go free)

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