Politics tour launch with Denis Murray


Start date: 07 March 2020


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Explore Hillsborough Castle's role in politics with former BBC correspondent Denis Murray

Join Denis Murray, former Northern Ireland political correspondent for the BBC, on a tour of Hillsborough Castle.

Learn about its role in local and international politics and hear fascinating personal anecdotes from the award-winning journalist’s time reporting from Hillsborough Castle.

This event will include a post tour Q&A with Denis Murray in our Clore Learning Centre where a complimentary drink will be served.

Image credit: Journalists at Hillsborough Castle in the 1990s, © Peter Cooper

Denis Murray, BBC Ireland correspondent in front of Hillsborough Castle

About the speaker

For a generation of viewers, Denis Murray OBE was the face of news from Northern Ireland. As the BBC’s Ireland correspondent from the 1980’s until his retirement in 2008 he reported on the region’s evolving politics. He was a familiar fixture at the gates of Hillsborough Castle, reporting on its role as a centre for negotiation, challenge and change.

Join Denis as he guides visitors through Hillsborough’s elegant State Rooms and gives his unique insight into the behind the scenes machinations of political negotiation.

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A guide shows a group of visitors the Throne Room in the State Rooms at Hillsborough Castle and Gardens. Two red and gold thrones sit at one end of the room and the walls are lined with green silk damask and the walls are lined with historical artwork.
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Discover elegant State Rooms still used by the royal family on a guided tour of Hillsborough Castle.

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Hillsborough Castle

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Enjoy a fun evening of debate and discussion into legal highs throughout history at Hillsborough Castle, followed by cocktails and a cabaret.

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Two visitors with their backs to the camera look at a painting of two saints embracing.
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Join us as we uncover the hidden histories of Hillsborough Castle from a different perspective.

29 February 2020

Hillsborough Castle


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