On sold-out days there will be a limited number of general admission tickets available for purchase on-site

Funtastic Saturdays

Fun filled activity days for families the last Saturday of every month.

Fun filled activity days for families the last Saturday of every month.


  • 16 December 2017

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There is something for everyone on a Funtastic Saturday. Explore the palace with activity bags from the Time Explorers Station, listen to Story Time or take part in a Make History workshop.

Make History

12:00 and 14:00 (1 hr)

Create your own piece of the past in our making workshops suitable for 5-12 years.

Victorian puppet theatres
Saturday 16 December
Make your own shadow puppet theatre to take home.

Story Time

11:30, 13.00 and 14:30 (Duration 20 mins)

Enjoy a well known story in the comfort of the palace and join in with themed toys.
Aimed at under 7s, children must be accompanied at all times.

December – A Merry Christmas, with Ernest and Celestine

Time Explorers Station


Enjoy activities for all the family and discover the stories of Kensington Palace.

Find the Time Explorers Station to pick up and play:

  • Activity bags for all ages from babies to 13 years
  • Activity and drawing trails
  • Digital missions
  • Wear your own crown!

Explore what's on

Fountain Court, looking west. The courtyard fountain can just be seen through an archway on the left.

Get an expert’s guide of what there is to see and do at each palace with one of our State Apartment Warders at Hampton Court.

25 November and 21 December 2017. 20 January, 08 February and 10 March 2018

Hampton Court Palace

Member only Tours and talks

Tours begin at 11:00 and 14:00

A live interpreter dressed as a Tudor Lady and a Live Interpreter dressed as a Tudor Gentlemen are kneeling on either side of a padlocked chest in the Great Watching Chamber. They are arguing.

Step into the dangerous declining years of Henry’s VIII’s reign. Choose your enemies, choose your friends, but choose wisely.

30 October - 19 December 2017

Hampton Court Palace

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The Great Hall, looking east.
The hall was constructed by King Henry VIII to replace a smaller and older hall on the same site. It had two functions. First to provide a great communal dining room where 600 members of the court could eat in two sittings, twice a day. And secondly, to provide a magnificent entrance to the state apartments that lay beyond.

A room with a noble tradition of royal and political entertainment, the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace is a vast and splendid historic structure.

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Hampton Court Palace

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