Growing up at Kensington: Queen Victoria

About this session

Key Stage 2 | Subject: History | Topic: Victorians | Session Type: Route-based

What was it like growing up at Kensington Palace? Adopting roles as housemaids and house boys, children will gain an insight into the working lives of young servants and examine the childhood of Queen Victoria at Kensington Palace.

Through object-handling, pupils will investigate Queen Victoria's daily routines and personal items to understand how our knowledge of the past is constructed from a range of sources.

Learning objectives

Children will:

  • Explore sources to gain an understanding of Queen Victoria’s childhood in Kensington Palace and compare to childhoods today.
  • Examine artefacts to gain an understanding of the people who might have used them and the Victorian era.
  • Think critically, look at evidence and ask questions in order to understand the past using replica objects as sources.

National Curriculum links

This session supports:

  • Exploring the lives of significant individuals in the past (Queen Victoria).
  • Understanding historical concepts such as continuity and change, and similarity and difference.

Booking information

Available until end of summer term 2019
Tuesday, Thursday
10.30, 11.45, 13.15
60 minutes
35 students
£95 per session (free student admission)

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