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Study day

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Key Stage 5 | Subject: Art and Design, Textiles | Topics: Georgian | Session Type: Study day

In the Georgian court, fashion was power. Getting it right could be your ticket to the inner circle.

This study day for KS5 Art and Design and Textiles students explores the language and meaning of royal and court dress. Expert-led, hands-on sessions will help students understand the context and construction of historic dress whilst providing inspiration for creative work back in the classroom.

The day will include a visit to the King's State Apartments and the following sessions:

  • Historic costume in close up – an in-depth look at reproduction items of court dress. The session will look at the construction and social context of court dress and give students the chance to try on items.
  • A day in the life of a costumier – a practical session led by a member of the costume team. The session will also give an insight into historical costume as a profession.
  • Fashion on display – a member of the Kensington team will give an expert insight into the world of historic fashion exhibitions.

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This study day supports:

  • Art, Craft and Design and Textile Design specifications for OCR, AQA and Edexcel
  • Arts Award Bronze, Silver and Gold.

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15 November 2019  
07 February 2020 
03 July 2020 


All day


45 student places available. (No minimum group size per school)

£8 per student, includes admission

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Session notes for teachers

Key information about your school visit to Kensington Palace.

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