The Architect's Design Dilemma

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It's 1714 and the architect John Vanburgh needs your help to decide if Hampton Court is stylish enough for the new king, George I, to keep.

This film is part of a Teacher Toolkit containing activities for schools who book The Architect's Design Dilemma Digital Mission at Hampton Court Palace.

National Curriculum Links

• Encouraging students to use the Hampton Court Palace as a primary source to weigh historical evidence.

Learning Objectives

• Students will understand that evidence is used to interpret history.
• Students will apply primary evidence to question Palace history.
• Students will create their own hypotheses about the Palaces’s history using primary evidence.

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Key Stage

KS2 (age 7-11) Home Educators


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Georgians Historic Environment


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Hampton Court Palace

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Key Stage

KS2 (age 7-11)Home Educators


HistoryArt & DesignDesign & TechnologyEnglish


GeorgiansHistoric Environment