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This suite of resources is designed to support you to maximise the impact of the Superbloom in your school and classroom. They are designed to be used with students and contain lesson packs, supplementary resources, and ideas to link wellbeing (PSHE) to history, science, art, and English.

Jubilee Resources

Explore the history of Britain’s royal jubilees and why the Platinum Jubilee in 2022 is an important moment in our country’s history.

Why is the Platinum Jubilee important?

Explore why Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 is an important moment in Britain’s history and an opportunity for all communities to come together.

Science Resources

Explore how human wellbeing relies on the working relationship between flowering plants and pollinators and our gardens’ ecosystems.

Plants Pollinators People: Gardens and health

Explore the relationship between flowers and pollinators, and how we humans rely on both for our wellbeing and that of our planet.

History and English resources

Discover the little-known story of how prisoner Sir Walter Raleigh overcame depression by creating a medicinal garden at the Tower.

Soldier to healer: Sir Walter Raleigh’s medicinal garden at the Tower

Watch the video to find out more about his story.


Soldier to healer: Sir Walter Raleigh's medicinal garden at the Tower

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9 surprising facts about the Tower of London moat

The Tower of London Moat wasn’t always the dry ditch that it is today. Did you know it was once filled with fish? Or that it has been used as an allotment?

Here are some interesting facts about the moat!

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Start gardening

Download the garden manual and watch this video to get some top tips from garden designer Nigel Dunnett on how to get your school's Superbloom started.

Teacher guidance and information

School children gardening in Tower of London moat as for Superbloom schools project

Check out these Superbloom resources specially designed for teachers to build their knowledge and confidence in gardening for wellbeing.

Teacher guidance and information

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