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Meet Alex Hirtzel

By Alex Hirtzel
Artist and bee activist
24 May 2020

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Photograph of Alex Hirtzel
Wide shots of the Tower of London Moat for Superbloom Schools

Superbloom May Update

By Jake Patel
Superbloom Schools Blog Editor
17 May 2022

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Hillborough in bloom!

By Penny Whelan
Hillborough Junior School
17 May 2022

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School children planting seeds at their school for Superbloom
The Tower moat, looking south, 29th March 2022. Showing a high-angle view of the newly installed Willow Nest sculpture by Spencer Jenkins. Part of the first stage of creating a natural landscape in the moat in preparation for Superbloom 2022. The woven willow nest structure is designed to be a viewing point.

Superbloom is a colourful, vibrant display of flowers filling the Tower Moat from June to September 2022 in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Designed to bring natural beauty to the urban space, Superbloom introduces and will establish a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife. The route takes visitors among the flower displays, including sculptural elements and a sound installation. 

Superbloom was designed by Historic Royal Palaces, working with Grant Associates - Landscape Architect, and University of Sheffield Professor of Planting Design, Nigel Dunnett.

The Nest

By Jake Patel
Superbloom Schools Blog Editor
Video from Blind Crow
10 May 2022

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Steps for success

By Kate Hampshire
Wimbledon Chase Primary School
10 May 2022

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Photograph of schoolchildren outside of their school building
School pupil planting seeds in a garden at school

Spring has arrived

Tracey Gittens
Ormiston Maritime Academy
Grimsby, Lincolnshire
4 May 2022

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Sounds of spring

By Erland Cooper
26 April 2022

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Photograph of composer Erland Cooper
Collection of artefacts found in the Tower of London moat

The Tower of London & The World Wars

By Alfred Hawkins
Assistant Curator of Historic Buildings for the Tower of London
20 April 2022


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