Sowing the seeds of love

By Lorraine King
Charles Darwin School
Westerham, England
April 2022

The Young Carers at Charles Darwin School have been busy preparing the ground for our Superbloom project, to celebrate the Queens Platinum Jubilee later this year. 

We picked an amazing sunny day to sow our seeds – we had been so excited when they arrived and started to make plans to sow half into the ground and half into seed trays to bring on in the school greenhouse.

Deciding where to plant

In March, we found a good afternoon to go out and dig over the ground – we tested our soil and found this to be part clay, part loam. 

We prepared the soil by removing old roots and digging in some fertiliser and topsoil. 

How are the seeds doing?

10 days on, the seeds in the trays are more established and looking good – hopefully to plant after our Easter break. 

The seeds in the ground are just starting to poke through the ground…Phew it really was easy and not as hard as we all thought it might be! 

Seeds are being prepared for dispatch to over 1,500 schools across the UK who are participating in the Superbloom Schools Project.

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