Meet Alex Hirtzel

Artist and bee activist

Artist and bee activist

By Alex Hirtzel
Artist and bee activist
24 May 2020

Introducing Alex

For more than 25 years I have been an artist and artist educator, working with many museums and organisations around the country.

I have been inspired by the science and research into nature conservation and the importance of rewilding programmes. For three years I have been working with a scientist at Bristol University, Dr Dave Lawson, on the interaction of pollinating insects and flowering plants. My work with him culminated in a three-month art exhibition at the University of Bristol Botanic Gardens in the summer of 2021.

Photograph of Alex Hirtzel
Artwork by Alex Hirtzel

The Superbloom workshop pack

The workshop I have produced for the schools is very much based on this recent research, lots of reading academic articles, and hopefully creating the facts to be very accessible.

This information is something I really believe we should all understand in order to provide, forage and therefore protect pollinators going forward.

Creating a pollinator-friendly environment

I have been lucky enough to work with the group Pollinating London Together who are scientifically auditing green spaces in the centre of London and making sure they are pollinator-friendly. Together with spaces that already exist, as well as the new Superbloom project, alongside the possibility of opening up many office rooftops, London could be heading for a far more wildlife diverse environment, which is exciting and positive.

Artwork by Alex Hirtzel

What inspired me

I think it is because I have been working with inspirational scientists for three years at the University of Bristol all about plant science communication which is a fascinating area of research. I have read many breath-taking papers that unravel some of the complexity of the natural world around us.

Artwork by Alex Hirtzel

A great opportunity

For a freelance artist like me, I was so delighted to get this job. I don’t think it’s getting better than this, where flowers are going to be planted in the historical moat of the Tower of London. Plus, we are working with 56 schools.

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