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By Jake Patel
Superbloom Schools Blog Editor
17 May 2022

Superbloom at the Tower of London kicks off on 1 June and we couldn’t be more excited. This will be the first in a series of monthly updates on the progress of Superbloom at the Tower.

Wide shots of the Tower of London Moat for Superbloom Schools

In just a few short months, the moat has been transformed from a massive construction site into an exciting green space. Look at how far it has come.

Wide shots of the Tower of London Moat for Superbloom Schools
View of the Tower moat with large amounts of soil and building works

While taking pictures in the moat for this update, Eva Koch-Schulte, one of the leaders of the Superbloom project, explained that different plots are growing at different speeds.

As a result, the Superbloom team have had to implement different approaches for each section of the display.

Closeups of some plants/shoots at the Tower of London moat for SUperbloom

Although the ground looks a little patchy in some places the project is coming along very nicely.

Not only have we seen some shoots popping out of the ground, but we have also seen the very first wildflower to bloom in the moat!

Some of the shoots look like they are just moments away from blooming into spectacular flowers. Just look at the size of some of these!

Be sure to check back with us for more updates on Superbloom at the Tower of London and don't forget to track the progress of your Superbloom plot at school!

Close up of seedling
The Tower moat, looking south, 29th March 2022. Showing a high-angle view of the newly installed Willow Nest sculpture by Spencer Jenkins. Part of the first stage of creating a natural landscape in the moat in preparation for Superbloom 2022. The woven willow nest structure is designed to be a viewing point.

Superbloom is a colourful, vibrant display of flowers filling the Tower Moat from June to September 2022 in celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. Designed to bring natural beauty to the urban space, Superbloom introduces and will establish a new biodiverse habitat for wildlife. The route takes visitors among the flower displays, including sculptural elements and a sound installation. 

Superbloom was designed by Historic Royal Palaces, working with Grant Associates - Landscape Architect, and University of Sheffield Professor of Planting Design, Nigel Dunnett.

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Superbloom Schools Blog Editor
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