Mental and Emotional Wellbeing

By Penny Whelan
Hillborough Junior School

February 2022 

Mental and Emotional Wellbeing x Superbloom

Hillborough Junior School is a three form entry junior school in Luton, and we pride ourselves on being a caring and family orientated community. Many of our pupils attended school through lockdown, but of course, many more were at home with their families. I think we all suffered during lockdown in various ways, and we all certainly agree that mental health and wellbeing is now a priority across the country and definitely within our school setting. For this reason, amongst others, we are thrilled to be part of the Tower Superbloom project. 

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Building a safe space

We have built and recently opened for use a new therapy room attached to the school and this is proving to be an extremely valuable space for delivering interventions around social skills, speech and language, emotional resilience and is also being used by our resident therapist in school. We felt that this was the perfect setting in which to create our superbloom garden and have started work on the courtyard area outside the building.

Photograph of a school

Let's get planting

We have large planters made from recycled timber and they are ready for the children to start work in the next couple of months. We also have huge blank walls which we hope to be able to fill with a trellis and possibly even some murals and wall art. We want this to be a calming and beautiful space for children to be able to access and hope to turn it into a wonderful urban landscape. 

Watch our progress on our twitter page! @HillboroughJun1 

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Ormiston Academy's Superbloom garden display is starting to take shape. Ormiston Academy are one of the schools taking part in the Superbloom Schools project.