Thank you from the Superbloom Schools team

By Lucie Parkes
Schools Content Manager
8 July 2022

Imagining Superbloom

So, here we are standing amid a stunning Superbloom and almost at the end of our wonderful schools’ project. It almost feels quite surreal after all the planning and imagining to actually be in it.

Entering Superbloom - At speed!

We have made a conscious effort to savour these last few weeks of celebration events with our project schools as it’s what we’ve worked towards all year, and it feels utterly fantastic to have turned it all into a reality. There has been a palpable buzz of excitement in the Tower air created by the school groups and watching them whizz down the slide into the Superbloom has put a smile on everyone’s faces.

We have flowers!

It has been truly joyful to welcome all your young people here (almost 24, 000 school children will have visited the Superbloom in the space of 8 weeks). For the team behind the creation of the Superbloom itself, it has been a far more stressful and precarious journey - from flowers not appearing to flowers growing too fast – they are still on that rollercoaster, and we are keeping everything crossed for the rest of the summer going as well as it is right now.

Time to celebrate!

This project is the biggest nationwide schools project HRP has ever run. It was a daunting prospect on a tight timescale, but we’ve had far more highs than lows overall. Apart from a few hairy weeks waiting for the seed supplies to be ready to send out (low), we attribute much of the highs to the amazing teachers that picked the idea up and ran with it.

We have loved seeing your pictures over the months of process and we have particularly loved having so much contact with schools all over the country, from regions that we haven’t had the pleasure of working with before. Your enthusiasm has been so motivating, inspiring and life affirming at a time when it feels like so much is falling apart at the seams. So, thank you so much for taking part and we hope you and your students get to enjoy your beautiful new gardens for many years to come!

P.S. Don’t forget to join our Teacher’s Network so we can contact you about any future opportunities to work together again!

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