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Superbloom Schools Team
Tower of London
February 2022

It feels fantastic to be able to talk to you now after months of planning away in the background. As March approaches it suddenly feels very real; the moat has started its transformation and very slowly the signs of spring are beginning to show themselves. Longer days and blooming flowers are tantalisingly close now!

The Superbloom Schools project team at the Tower of London.

For us in the Schools' Superbloom team this has been a fascinating project to work on and it has definitely taken us out of our comfort zones. Our work in the Tower usually revolves around subjects such as the Norman invasion and Tudor kings and queens. We've had to quickly learn the ins and outs of pollinator behaviour, annuals versus perennials and the complexities of seed supply chains. It feels like a real privilege to be working on this project and contributing to the next 1,000 years of Tower history.

Schools' recruitment for the project was more successful than we ever imagined. We're very pleased to say we now have nearly 1500 schools joining us in creating Superblooms across the country - from the Shetland Isles to Guernsey! Take a look at our online map to see them all.

Behind the scenes we’ve been busy preparing a whole suite of online resources including lesson packs, films and CPD for teachers, so everyone can make the most of their Superbloom no matter how large or small their space is. Check them out.

Learning resources Teacher guidance and information
Actor portraying Sir Walter Raleigh looks at lavender through magnifying glass.

We’re very pleased to have collaborated with Thrive, a charity specialising in social and therapeutic horticulture. They have kindly shared their expertise to help us create the Garden Manual to take you through planning and planting your gardens, as well as the online teacher CPD, to help you use your gardens to support your students’ wellbeing. Something that is more important than ever after the last few years.

Thrive website

To be successful, a project like this needs a huge team to run smoothly, designers, web editors, filmmakers, operational planning, to name just a few. You’ll be hearing more from them and their work behind the scenes here in the coming months. In the meantime, we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has helped on the schools’ project.

We’ll be updating the hub on a regular basis and will be adding more resources soon. We’d love to hear from you as well. Don’t forget to post your stories and pictures using #SuperbloomSchools. We’re really looking forward to seeing your gardens grow!