Steps for success

By Kate Hampshire
Wimbledon Chase Primary School
10 May 2022

Our Gardening Club children are loving the whole Superbloom project and, after looking at pictures of the works in progress at the Tower of London, they have been inspired to recreate some of the features they have seen taking shape in the Tower moat. The children particularly liked the natural, woven structures and the idea of being able to walk along a path amongst the flowers.

School pupils outside of their school
School pupils in a classroom

First, the children explored the range of wildflower seeds we had been sent, and the accompanying information, and decided upon a rainbow plan to sow across the plot.


After a huge ‘Green Gym’ session of weeding and raking, the children worked really well as a team to create a winding path using donated log circles. The path proved irresistible and was ‘tested’ repeatedly!

School pupils outside of their school in their garden
School pupils outside of their school in their garden
School pupils outside of their school

Next they marked out the different sowing areas using sand, and then came the job of carefully sowing the seeds, in bands of different colours.

Finally, the children bent fresh willow cuttings, from a hedge in the school grounds, into a low fence to protect the area. The willow has already started to sprout, creating a living hedge boundary.

The wildflower seedlings are already beginning to spring up beautifully around the path and we all can’t wait to be able to step through a rainbow in summer!


Fresh willow cuttings
School students working on their Superbloom project in the garden

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Ormiston Maritime Academy
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