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Superbloom Schools

Superbloom Schools


Superbloom designer Nigel Dunnett welcomes you to the Superbloom Schools project and shares his advice and top tips to get your school growing.

Start Gardening

Download our garden manual and watch the School Gardening for Wellbeing video presentation by Thrive to help you get started in growing your Superbloom.

Introducing Superbloom

Want to know more about Superbloom at the Tower of London and how your school’s participation can connect? These resources provide an overview of the project.

Superbloom at the Tower 2022

A fun presentation by one of the project's curators, developed for classroom use to introduce students to plans for the Superbloom at the Tower of London.

Superbloom Schools timeline

Find out what’s happening month by month during the schools Superbloom project with this overview of the main milestones for our 56 partner schools.

Download timeline (.pdf)

What are teachers planning for their Superbloom?

In this video, teachers share their plans and inspiration for growing Superblooms at their schools and the impact they hope the project will have on the wellbeing and confidence of their students.

Learning resources

Actor portraying Sir Walter Raleigh looks at lavender through magnifying glass.

Specially designed lesson plans, videos, supplementary resources, and ideas to link wellbeing (PSHE) to history, science, art, and English.

Learning resources