Wellbeing Art Challenge

Primary School Entries

Primary School Entries

Downshire Primary

Students at Downshire Primary submitted 'Superbloom Flowers' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Our Primary 1 class each created their own flower for a class art garden. We find nature to be fundamentally calming for our children and a resource that we have been utilising to its full extent this year in connection with our involvement in the Superbloom Project."

Fairfield Preparatory School

Fairfield Preparatory School entered 'Growth Mindset' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Year 4 started this challenge with a trip to Queen’s Park where we drew plants from life. Back at school, we meditated on walking through a garden and all the feelings that provoked, then drawing floral brainstorms. We then created mood lilies by drawing around our hands and adding pertinent words."

Kingswood Primary School

Kingswood Primary School students entered their 'Flowery Flag' in the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"We love sewing and it’s the perfect way to calm down and think about what is going on in our lives and in the world. We like how it makes us feel. When it was raining, we looked out of the window at our Superbloom flowers and decided to create this flag to hang outside the school to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee!"

Leys Primary School

Leys Primary School entered 'Our Garden' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Our paper flower garden art was inspired and created by our year 2 to year 6 Superbloom attendees. Our garden is what we imagine the Superbloom event to be. We take a walk in our minds through what we know and feel when we experience gardens and greenspaces."

Maple Infants School

Three teams of students at Maple Infants School have submitted pieces of artwork for the Wellbeing Challenge.

Team Silver Birch submitted 'Green Meadow Gardens,' Team Sycamore submitted 'Flowers of the Forest' and lastly Team Rowan Class submitted 'Rainforests in bloom.' 

Millfield Primary School

Millfield students submitted their artwork 'Immerse in Nature, Inspire Generations' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"The children aimed to demonstrate how gardening and connecting with the outdoors can help improve mindfulness and relationships. The artwork shows how the mind grows with age when it is watered and treated kindly, much like how seeds grow into strong, healthy plants."

North Harringay Primary School

Students at North Harringay entered 'Brain Relaxing' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"This drawing of a brain and collage of nature represents how flowers and animals are good for our wellbeing and development. The happy faces show the positive impact of nature and how this helps to calm and restore us."

Wellbeing Art Challenge

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