Wellbeing Art Challenge

Primary School Entries

Primary School Entries

Overleigh St Marys CE Primary

Student's at Overleigh St Marys CE Primary entered 'Flower of Peace' into the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"The whole sculpture represents a flower blooming, representing how nature can bring joy to our lives. The intricate petals created by the children show the interest and colour that nature brings."

Packmoor Ormiston Academy

Packmoor Ormiston Academy student's submitted 'Garden Freedom' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"This piece represents an amalgamation of ideas from students across the school who all have a strong and close connection to nature and the outdoors which is fostered by the programmes we offer."


Students from School21 entered 'Stratford’s Biodiversity in Ceramics' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"The ceramic tiles (60) are going to be displayed around flower beds in our playground to encourage younger students to celebrate all diversities of local wildlife. The process of making and recording has brought about a sense of community and collaboration within our year 7’s which can further encourage a sense of wellbeing to all those who use our gardens."

Sidney Stringer Primary School

Students at Sidney Stringer have entered 'Our Well-Being Garden' into the Wellbeing Challenge.

"Our Well-Being Garden provides us with a quiet oasis in our busy city centre school. We grow plants, flowers and trees to attract insects in to pollinate our fruit and vegetables. Whilst it is a quiet place to just sit and be, it is also great fun planting, watching the plants grow and harvesting the fruit and vegetables."

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School

SS Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School entered 'Flowers of our Garden' into the Wellbeing Challenge.

"Our Y1 children have been very busy in Art, they used recycled materials and garden mash to create their flowers using a weaving technique. Their work was inspired by the colours and the smell of the flowers from the Super-bloom garden."

St Andrew’s Primary, Laverstock

St Andrews' students entered 'Fun in the wild' into the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Fun in the wild’ is divided into four zones. There is the ‘wild zone’ with wildflowers and animal habitats, the ‘chill zone’ with hammocks, tweeting birds and lots of shade, the ‘water zone’ with ponds, rainwater collection and a waterfall, and the ‘fun zone’ with chances to let off steam, be with friends and exercise."

St Mary of the Angels Primary School

Students at St Mary of the Angel's submitted 'Changing Moods, Changing Seasons' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"Our painting is a journey through the seasons, it starts in the autumn where we looked at the different leaves and the colours of autumn. The children enjoyed gathering the leaves and the sensory experience of using leaves to print and paint pictures."

Starbeck Primary Academy

Starbeck submitted their 'Gardening Makes Us Happy’ collage to the Wellbeing Challenge.

"Our collage shows that gardening helps us make a difference from being a boring place to a beautiful place. Gardening is good for our wellbeing because it teaches us new things. We work as a team and concentrate on what we are doing. We spend time with our friends. It makes us happy and proud and we learn new facts. We feel helpful and enjoy caring for nature and animals."

Wellbeing Art Challenge

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