Wellbeing Art Challenge

Primary School Entries

Primary School Entries

Thameside Primary School

Thameside student's entry for the Wellbeing Challenge was 'Growing Goodness.'

"The pupils wanted to show their thoughts and ideas about how being outside can be good for the body and soul. Words, which represented their thoughts and feelings, were 'planted' in the grass so goodness could flower from the earth into the beautiful blooms; the Aboriginal 'dot painting' style was used to create the petals of each flower to encourage a belief in the importance of the natural world."

West Denton Primary School

West Denton pupil submitted 'Why we Love Outdoor Leanring' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"This piece of art represents what our Life Skills – Outdoor Learning means to our children at West Denton Primary School in Newcastle. Many of our children from Year 1 to Year 6 have contributed artwork to this display and words of how they feel when working outdoors on their Life Skills Challenges."

Westcourt Primary School

Westcourt students have entered 'Westcourt Clay Nature Celebration Bunting' in the Wellbeing Challenge.

"After collecting pieces of nature to inspire the creation of a Clay Nature Bunting, we reflected on how the experience had made us feel, calm, curious, refreshed, and we incorporated these feelings into our design."

Wimbledon Chase Primary School

Students at Wimbledon Chase have submitted 'Dreaming in Green' for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"This Green Goddess is woven out of willow and visions of her peaceful garden also weave in and out of her dreams. Willow butterflies, dragonflies, flowers and hearts overflow with the wildflowers from her garden, calming her mind with all the scents, colours and textures of the plants and wildlife that her garden nurtures."

Woodlands Primary

The students at Woodlands Primary have entered 'Start of a Journey' in the Wellbeing Challenge.

"We have created a haven for people and wildlife and that, like the children who created it, this is only the beginning of a much longer journey. We can’t wait to see where the path will take us."

Wellbeing Art Challenge

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