Wellbeing Art Challenge

Primary School Entries

Primary School Entries

Adderley Primary School

Students at Adderley Primary School submitted 'Peace Garden Oasis' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"We thought of how nature has a positive impact on our well-being and wrote words associated with the feelings/thoughts we have when we are outside.

We made flowers using recycled pop bottles, painted on recycled metal and included drawings of our favourite insects. We used bright colours and added a rainbow because they make us feel happy!"

Balgowan Primary school

Balgowan Primary School submitted 'Our Great Green Garden' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"The children are coming to the school garden during their lunch club. Some of them have difficulties with playing in a large group during play time, others need extra support with their social skills, there are participants who are non-verbal but all of them enjoy coming and participating in the activities in the garden."

Bankfoot Primary School

Bankfoot Primary students submitted 'The Tranquillity Totem ' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"We think of our minds as gardens. We aim to be positive gardeners, that grow and flourish into healthy individuals. Our plants may lack water, lack sun, and feel lonely- as plants sometimes do. However, the gardens at Bankfoot Primary School don’t stay like that. Collectively we care for and nurture our minds. Our totem pole resembles how nature and mental health are intertwined."

Bevington Primary School

Bevington students submitted 'Bevington in Bloom' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"In this project, “bringing the outside in,” the children watched their allotment transform from grey winter into spring bloom. Spending time outside to observe biodiversity in this patch, they each found a point of interest. They then sketched from life, bringing drawings back inside to paint pictures."

Billingshurst Primary

Billingshurst Primary submitted 'Happy Flowers' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"This art was one of a few large pieces created by the children as part of their outside provision.  We had done smaller versions as cards to sell at our school fair.  The children said that the pictures had made their parents and friends happy and that they would like to do a big one for the classroom."

Christ Church

Christ Church School submitted a honeycomb structure for the Wellbeing Challenge.

"Our school is located on Brick Lane, a hubbub of noise and activity; gardening offers us a mental sanctuary. The hexagon shape was a direct inspiration from the bees constructing their honeycomb, the hexagon allows us to form and create all our ideas as one."

Crofton Infant School

Crofton Infant School submitted 'Proud to be Purple' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"We discussed how our woodland area makes us feel and the insects we like to watch and we decided to create sculptures to leave in our woodland area. The children shared ideas as to why the insects are important in our environment. We used clay to create dragonflies, and butterflies and plasticine to create snails."

Delves Junior School

Delves Junior School submitted their Superbloom display for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"The children have been so happy completing the 'Superbloom' garden, workshop and artwork. It has improved some children's attendance as they want to come to school to make the flowers and beam with pride seeing their work on display in the garden. It has had a positive effect on the children's mindfulness and given them somewhere to relax and admire their work."

Wellbeing Art Challenge

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