Wellbeing Art Challenge

Secondary School Entries

Secondary School Entries

Blackheath High

Blackheath High’s Year 7’s entry for the Superbloom Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Students have worked incredibly hard on their design, and then even made all their outfits from recycled materials from our textiles department over two weeks of lunchtimes. All of this work continued all through exam week."

The Gilberd School

Students designed and created a honeycomb concrete installation art piece using a hexagon tessellated pattern entitled, ‘Hive of Tranquillity’.

"The piece explores a variety of themes that encompass the importance of the cycle of life and the interconnectivity between nature and fulfilment. Each thoughtfully designed section of the piece was modelled in clay then a mould was created in Vinamold. Finally, cast in concrete, ’Hive of Tranquillity’ is now the centrepiece in our Wellbeing Garden."

La Sainte Union

La Sainte Union School's entry for the Wellbeing Art Challenge is a watercolour painting titled 'Wellbeing at LSU'.

"The watercolour painting was inspired by the sense of wellbeing that touches the whole school and gives us a sense of balance and peace."

Pool Hayes Academy

Pool Hayes Academy's entry for the Wellbeing Art Challenge is a sculpture titled 'Bee Yourself'.

"Our bee contains positive messages for people to read when they visit the garden, which we hope to spread around the school, just as a bee spreads pollen. Students from our craft club and eco club have collaborated on this project, which has used entirely recycled materials."

St Augustine’s CoE High School

The Students at St Augustines have created 'St Augustine’s Feelgood Garden.'

"We asked our students to draw their favourite part of the garden. In some pictures, we have our lovely vegetable beds, colourful flowers, our beloved fish pond and our bench where we came together as a team."

St Pauls Way Trust School

The children at St Pauls Way Trust have submitted 'The Tree of Wisdom.'

"This Art projects represents wellbeing through the use of nature. Using garden organisms including plants, flowers, trees, bees, butterflys, and birds. The centrepiece of this project is an apple tree that shares the student’s mindset on wellbeing. Each flower represents the individuality of our students; using a range of colours, patterns, and shapes."

Sutton Valence School

The students of Sutton Valance are submitting their artwork project titled 'Pebbles, Pictures and Poems.'

"Members of the School community and their families were invited to be creative whilst reflecting on the well-being gardens provide for plants and people. The flowers in the planters are some of the seeds gifted to us by Historic Royal Palaces’ Superbloom. The pictures were painted by two year 8 pupils, unfortunately, the fox was not quite finished in time."

Wales High School

The students at Wales High School have submitted 'Free Spirit' for the Superbloom Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Students worked as a team to create an area of the school as diverse, unique, and special as they are. In our garden, we promote acceptance and enjoy well-being from nature. Our mosaic table, created by students and staff, represents the planting of our garden and the growth and wellbeing we promote in our students."

The Wellbeing Art Challenge

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