Wellbeing Art Challenge

Special School Entries

Special School Entries

Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust students have submitted 'Finding Happiness in Nature' for the Superbloom Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Our team at Canons Park, Shaw Trust have a collaborative spirit which is generated by helping one another. This helps us to cope with life’s challenges and improves our wellbeing."

Sybil Elgar Autistic School

The students at Sybil Elgar Autistic School have submitted 'Superbloom School Garden for Wellbeing' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"Students in Sybil Elgar School have a range of varying skills, abilities and strengths and enjoyed working together making 3D collage “Superbloom School garden for wellbeing”. We all had fun planning and drawing the model, next we started collecting and putting altogether three-dimensional objects, such as sugar paper, sticks, rocks, straw, cotton, sand and soil onto a supporting surface to form our 3D garden."

Willoughby Academy

Students at Willoughby Academy submitted 'Season in Bread Form' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"The bread represents the 4 seasons. It uses herbs grown in school. We use herbs a lot in cooking because of their sensory appeal. Herbs and vegetables have been grown in gardens for centuries. Making bread is therapeutic. The team researched the four seasons and used leaves from the sustainable growing tower and herbs from the school. The pupils were so proud and felt great when they saw their bread."

Windmill Hill School

Windmill Hill submitted 'Wellbeing and Wonder' for the Superbloom Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"As a new school, we wanted to embrace wellbeing and nature. We created 6 (one per class) coloured flower wreaths each colour relates to the area of wellbeing it stimulates. Red- passion & stamina. Orange- enthusiasm & creativity. Yellow- logic and intellect. Purple- imagination & self-knowledge. Blue- calmness & beauty and Green- balance & acceptance. We understand that the link between nature and wellbeing is continuous, linked and ever-changing."

Woodlands Secondary School

Students at Woodlands Secondary School submitted the 'Positive Thought Tree' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"As a class we have been discussing Buddhism and Buddha meditating under a tree. We have created our own positive thought tree. The leaves have positive words or encouraging sentences written by students in the class on them (inspired by ancient cultures writing on leaves and papyrus).

We have included beads and flowers of the students favourite colours to represent connectivity and circular thought. The students spent time looking at, listening to, touching and smelling the tree. They then spent time sitting under it and breathing calmly. We hope other students in the school will do the same."

The Wellbeing Art Challenge

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