Wellbeing Art Challenge

Special School Entries

Special School Entries

Broomhill Bank School

The students at Broomhill Bank School have submitted 'Outside I Feel...' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"A series of sculptures, drawings and comments the students have made to express how the outdoor environment makes the students feel."

Culverhill School

The students at Culverhill School have submitted 'Thriving With Nature'.

"Our artwork called ‘Thriving with Nature’ shows how we feel about nature. It helps to reduce anxiety and help us thrive in an uncertain world of change. It shows the importance of insects, especially bees for pollination, so that plants can grow and give us both food and oxygen. It makes us feel happy and on top of the world to see beautiful creatures and pretty colours. We love the feel of the plants and smell. We can be just who we want to be….in the garden!"

Ickburgh School

The students at Ickburgh School's entry for the Wellbeing Art Challenge is 'The Spa Garden'.

"Our sensory spa garden is the most beautiful garden in the world! Our pupils love touching all the different areas in the garden and we've used rice, feathers, cellophane, beans, paper mâché, string and sand to create a beautiful piece to look at and touch."


Marjory Kinnon Senior School

The students at Marjory Kinnon Senior School have submitted a sculpture of a pond for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

If you look closely you can see different fish, the students looking at them and words to describe the garden behind them.

Pendle Community High School and College

Students at Pendle Community High School and College submitted 'How it Feels' for the Wellbeing Art Challenge.

"A collaborative piece of work that reflects how we feel when we are out in nature.

Students explored our sensory garden, thought of words or used symbols that represented how being outside made them feel. When we came back to class students created individual artworks using paint, coloured pencils and felt-tip to represent what they saw and how they felt whilst outside."

The Wellbeing Art Challenge

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