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What's on at the palaces

A new play, written for Hampton Court Palace by Sarah Dickenson and directed by Jo McInnes.

07 April - 21 August 2017

Hampton Court Palace

11:00 & 14:45

Tour the East Front Gardens in 19th century style in the Tudor Rose! Meet our magnificent shire horses and enjoy a historic tour.

Summer 2017

Hampton Court Palace

15-20 mins

Step into the dangerous declining years of Henry’s VIII’s reign.

11 April - 31 August 2017

Hampton Court Palace

40 minutes

The Great Hall, looking east.
The hall was constructed by King Henry VIII to replace a smaller and older hall on the same site. It had two functions. First to provide a great communal dining room where 600 members of the court could eat in two sittings, twice a day. And secondly, to provide a magnificent entrance to the state apartments that lay beyond.

A room with a noble tradition of royal and political entertainment, the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace is a vast and splendid historic structure.

Open daily

Hampton Court Palace


Travel back in time and spend the night at Hampton Court Palace.

28 October - 29 October 2017

Hampton Court Palace

Overnight (18.00 to 10.00)

Discover masterpieces by Rembrandt, Holbein, van Dyck, and many more when you visit the Cumberland Art Gallery.

Open daily

Hampton Court Palace