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Explore the massive defensive inner battlements and huge towers that have guarded the Tower for centuries as you walk the walls.

Open daily

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Young boy looking towards the imperial state crown in the Crown Jewels exhibition

Prepare to be dazzled by this breathtaking, world famous collection of 23,578 gemstones that are still used in royal ceremonies today which reside at the Tower of London.

Open daily

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Allow one hour

Explore the story of Leonora Cohen, The Tower Suffragette in a workshop led by artist, Becci Kenning.

10 March 2018



Prisoner inscriptions in the Salt Tower

Join Debra Whittingham, Head of Operations & Security, for this lunchtime lecture

12 March 2018

Events Member only

Lectures start at 12 noon

Georgian Maid of Honour, in a party panic!

Explore the history of board, dice and card games that were played in the British court and the Royal palaces.

28 April 2018


Doors open at 12.30, with a 13.00 start

The White Tower seen against a blue, partially cloudy sky on a sunny day with foliage creeping into the upper right-hand corner. Waterloo Block can be seen in the background

Get to know more about food and wine pairing, meet other Members and enjoy lunch at the Tower of London.

1 February and 01 March 2018

Member only

Defend the Tower is a costumed, live historical re-enactment. You must help our heroic guards defend the mighty castle against its most dangerous enemies!

Daily: 10 February to 27 April 2018

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11.30, 13.30 and 15.30 (run time 35 minutes approx.)

Children dressed as knights at the Tower of London

Come to the Tower of London this February half term and join our Knight School. Train as pages then squires, until at last you are worthy to become Knights of the Tower!

10-18 February 2018

Events Families
Aerial view of the Tower of London from the north, showing the White Tower in the centre of the fortress

There have been many attempted escapes from the Tower of London - some successful and some, most definitely not.

02 June 2018


Doors open at 12.30 with a 13.00 start

Male participant from the Nightwatchers experience walking through the Tower of London at night

Hear from live storytellers as they confess their innermost sins at the Tower of London.

27 September 2018



Close up of raven head at Tower of London. Clear skies

Hear from live storytellers as they confess their innermost sins at the Tower of London

19 April 2018

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Hear from live storytellers as they confess their innermost sins at the Tower of London.

24 May 2018