Anne Boleyn Live at the Tower

Follow Anne Boleyn through her imprisonment, trial and execution.

Follow Anne Boleyn through her imprisonment, trial and execution.


  • 05 May – 30 August 2018
11:00 and 14:00

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The Last Days of Anne Boleyn

05 May-28 August 2018, Friday-Tuesday
11:00 and 14:00

This summer step into 1536 and follow the last 17 days of Anne Boleyn, second wife of King Henry VIII, in a new outdoor theatre performance on the South Lawn at the Tower of London.

The Last Days of Anne Boleyn explores her tragic final days at the famous fortress, from her imprisonment and interrogation, through to her trial and execution.

Suitable for all ages, the performance is a theatrical spectacle that tells the story of this extraordinary woman, who continues to fascinate us nearly five hundred years later.

Daily schedule

This outdoor show runs for approximately 35 minutes with two performances per day Friday to Tuesday, 11:00 and 14:00 in the shadow of the iconic White Tower.

Performances are subject to weather conditions. In wet or very hot weather, performances will be cancelled.

The 14:00 performances on 7 and 8 July will be cancelled.

Boleyn Beat the Block

Live performances within the Tower of London

09 May-30 August 2018: Wednesday and Thursday
11:00 and 14:00

It's 1536 and there's more than just trouble at the Tudor Court. There’s much suspected treason. At the orders of the King, his Council have arrested Queen Anne Boleyn and seven others – men – from her circle. If any evidence of treason can be found, those charged will be put to death at the King’s mercy. The Queen is locked away and spied upon for evidence of betrayal; those close to her are questioned as to their part.

As a member of Court, you too are at risk – have you done or said anything that might incriminate you? If you are not prepared to assist in the prosecutions, you too may face the block.

Join Queen Anne’s friends and family and navigate your way through the trials as the events of 1536 unfold. Will you be able to help them escape the King’s justice? Or will you fall with the Queen? Face decisions and make choices that in the dangerous world of Tudor politics could lead to death.

On Fridays to Tuesdays, there will be performances of The Last Days of Anne Boleyn, following the Tudor Queen through her imprisonment, trial and execution at the Tower — see above for more information.

The White Tower at the Tower of London under a blue sky
The White Tower, seen from the south, showing the Curtain Walls, the Cradle Tower and the Lanthorn Tower in the foreground circa late 1980s.

The Last Days of Anne Boleyn: Company


Lawrence Boothman
Kazuma Andrew Costello
Natasha Cowley
Amy Cudden
David Fielder
Oliver Grant
Rhiannon Llewellyn
Benedict Salter

Creative team

Michael Fentiman - Director/Writer
Gabriella Slade - Costume Designer
Lily Arnold - Set Designer
Barnaby Race - Composer
Paul Kieve - Illusionist
Soundintermedia & Richard Nowell Sound Services - Sound
Annelie Powell - Casting Director
Justin Allin - Costume Supervisor
Jimmy Jones - Hair & Make-up Designer
James Callás Ball - Assistant Director
Delyth Evans - Design Assistant
Simon Byford - Production Manager

View of the White Tower exterior
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Marvel at the imposing White Tower, a magnificent example of Norman architecture at the heart of the Tower of London.

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Dancers jump in various poses in front of the White Tower at the Tower of London
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Anne Boleyn 'B' initial necklace mug

Anne Boleyn 'B' initial necklace mug

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Anne Boleyn initial hanging decoration

Anne Boleyn initial hanging decoration

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