Civil War

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A-Level | Subject: History | Topics: Stuarts, War and Conflict | Session Type: Depth Study

Charles I's reign ushered a long and bloody civil war between the King and Parliament. Once again the Tower was one of the King's most important assets. 

Londoners feared Charles I would use it to dominate them but, in the end, the Tower was won by the Parliamentarians and it remained in their hands for the entire Civil War.

Students will examine the Tower buildings and documentary evidence to consider how the Tower of London might be used to support their understanding of the Civil War.

The workshop includes a short lecture and a subject specific tour of the Tower of London.

Exam board links
This session has been designed to complement any students studying the Civil War, and particularly those doing exam boards:

  • AQA - 1D Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy, 1603–1702 and 2E The English Revolution, 1625–1660
  • Edexcel: Paper 1, Option 1C: Britain, 1625–1701: conflict, revolution and settlement.
  • OCR - Unit Y108: The Early Stuarts and the Origins of the Civil War 1603–1660 British Period Study: The Early Stuarts 1603–1646.
  • WJEC - Unit 2 – Option 2- Royalty, rebellion and republic c.1625-1660 and Unit 3 - Option 4 - Royalty, revolution and restoration in Wales and England c.1603-1715.

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Monday, Tuesday
10.30, 13.00
1.5 hours
Up to 35 pupils
£12.35 per pupil
If you plan to bring 11 students or fewer a minimum price of £148 will be charged for your group.

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