Power and Patronage

Royal Identities & Religious Art in Situ

About this session

A-Level | Subject: History of Art | Topics: Medieval | Session Type: Depth Study

Discover how Richard II used art, portraiture and representations of religious figures to invigorate his image as a powerful and devout king

Visit and explore the story behind the unique wall painting commissioned by Richard II in 1390 with a private tour of the Byward Tower (inaccessible to the public)

Immerse students in the artistic legacies of the Tower of London and tailor make your own study day. Meet the curriculum needs through experiential on-site learning and the application of exam technique.

National Curriculum Links
This session supports:

  • Understand the links between identity, patronage, power and art.
  • Learn about illuminated manuscripts and the development of the International Gothic style.
  • Evaluating subject, genre and function of the wall painting in terms of religious, historical and social contexts.
  • Making comparisons with contemporary examples of identity and patronage.

Exam Board Links

  • AQA: History of Art (Art of the Western World).

Booking information

Tuesday, Thursday
10.30, 13.00
90 minutes
Up to 35 pupils
£12.35 per pupil
If you plan to bring 11 students or fewer a minimum price of £148 will be charged for your group.

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