Henry VIII: Supremacy and Rebellion

In partnership with National Portrait Gallery

In partnership with National Portrait Gallery

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Key Stage 5 | Subject: History | Topics: Tudors, Crime and Punishment | Session Type: Depth Study

The reign of Henry VIII saw cataclysmic changes for both church and nation. As a palace, a prison and a place of execution the Tower of London played a crucial role in re-shaping Henry VIII's England. 

Students will analyse physical and documentary evidence to consider the role of the Tower as a reflection of both the domination and destabilisation of Henry VIII throughout his reign. From economic strife to religious unrest, the varied functions of Henry’s Tower allow students to evaluate this complex king.

This study day will also include a session on using portraiture as historical evidence at the National Portrait Gallery.

Exam board links
This session has been designed to complement the study of the Mid-Tudor period, and particularly the following exam boards:


  • Unit 1C The Tudors: England, 1485–1603.

Edexcel -

  • Paper 1, Option 1B: England, 1509–1603: Authority, nation and religion and
  • Paper 3 Option 31: Themes in breadth with aspects in depth: Rebellion and disorder under the Tudors, 1485–1603.


  • Unit 1Y106: England 1485–1558: the Early Tudors.


  • Unit 1 (AS): Option 1: Government, rebellion and society in Wales and England C.1485-1603
  • Unit 3 (A2): Poverty, protest and rebellion in Wales and England, c.1485-1603.


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Friday 12 October 2018
Friday 16 November 2018
Friday 11 January 2019
Friday 8 February 2019
Friday 16 March 2019
Friday 26 April 2019
1.5 hours
Up to 35 pupils
£12.58 per pupil

If you plan to bring 11 students or fewer a minimum price of £151 will be charged for your group.

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