The Tower in Context: Reading the historic environment

About this session

GCSE | Subject: History | Topics: Normans, Tudors, Historic Environment | Session Type: Depth Study

The Tower of London holds nearly 1,000 years of history.

In this session students will discover the changing functions and use of the Tower over time.

This depth study will encourage students to critically examine primary source material including the buildings and historic artefacts and documents to test how far these sites reflect the changes in local and national history.

National Curriculum Links

Students will:

  • Develop and extend their knowledge and understanding of specified key events periods and societies in the history of their locality, and in Britain.
  • Understand, analyse and make valid historical claims from a range of source material, including written historical sources whose precise provenance is given, as part of an historical enquiry.
  • Understand historical concepts of continuity and change, cause and consequence, similarity and difference, and significance by making connections, drawing contrasts, analysing trends and framing historical questions.
  • Understand the connections between different aspects of the periods and themes studied; between local, regional, national and international history; between cultural, economic, social, political, religious and military history; and between short and long term timescales. 
  • 'The study of the historic environment should focus on one particular site in its historical context. The study should examine the relationship between a place and historical events and developments. The focus of study may range in scale from…a particular building or part of a building to a city or rural landscape/setting.'

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Monday, Tuesday
2.5 hours
Up to 35 pupils
£186 plus admission

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