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About this session

EFL/ESOL, Home Education Groups
Available languages: English, French, German and English as a foreign language
Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors
Session Type: Route-based

This enhanced learning offer gives international and home education students a new way to explore the Tower of London.

Packed with riveting tales to bring the Tower and its many stories alive, the guide will help students gain a greater understanding of the history of the Fortress and its fascinating inhabitants – from royals and rogues to ravens!

The self-guided trail takes the form of a pack of cards and is available in English, French, German and English a foreign language. 

This pack will:

• Provide a more purposeful and enjoyable visit for students.
• Teach the students facts about the Tower, its characters and its different uses throughout its history.
• Encourage group discussion and collaboration.
• Suit a wide range of interests.

Booking information

Until end of July 2019
Monday to Friday (during term time)
Groups must arrive before 3pm
For up-to-date availability please check our online calendar.
45 minutes to four hours
The packs are designed to be shared and you will receive four packs for every ten students.
£5.95 per child, £7.45 per student (16+) price includes admission

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Self-Guided Trails

Key information for your visit to the Tower of London.

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