International Missions

About this session

Available languages: English, French, German and English as a foreign language
Topic: Normans, Medieval, Tudors
Session Type: Route-based

This enhanced learning offer gives international students a new way to explore the Tower of London.

Packed with riveting tales to bring the Tower and its many stories alive, the guide will help students gain a greater understanding of the history of the Fortress and its fascinating inhabitants – from royals and rogues to ravens!

The self-guided trail takes the form of a pack of cards and is available in English, French, German and English a foreign language. 

This pack will:

• Provide a more purposeful and enjoyable visit for students
• Teach the students facts about the Tower, its characters and its different uses throughout its history
• Encourage group discussion and collaboration
• Suit a wide range of interests

Booking information

Monday to Friday (during term time)
Groups must arrive before 3pm
45 minutes to four hours
The packs are designed to be shared and you will receive four packs for every ten students.
£5.95 per child, £7.45 per student (16+) price includes admission

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