Knights, Castles, Kings

About this session

Key Stage 1 | Subject: History, English, Drama  | Topics: Normans, Castles | Session Type: Route-based

Find out how to become a knight: train at the Tower as a page, then a squire, and finally earn your knighthood!

Be transported back in time with true tales and marvellous myths from the Tower of London’s colourful history.

In this session a costumed presenter will captivate children using stories and role play to explore the different uses of one of the oldest and most significant castles in Britain, and the lifestyles of the people who lived here.

Learning objectives
Children will:

  • Learn about the Tower’s use as a castle.
  • Compare and contrast life today with life in the Medieval period.
  • Discover what life was like for a Medieval knight.

National Curriculum links
This session supports:

  • Development of speaking and listening skills through storytelling representations of a key historical figure.
    Using architecture and stories as historical sources, children will explore key concepts of significance, continuity and change to further their understanding of the past.
    Exploring significant historical events, people and places in their own locality.


Booking information

Monday to Friday
10.30, 12.00, 13.30
45 minutes
Up to 35 children
£95 plus admission

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