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Palace, prison, fortress trails

about these trails

KS1 | Subject: History | Topic: Castles, Normans, Medieval, Tudors | Session Type: Self-led trail

From its earliest days, the Tower of London has had many roles. Its three main roles during its 900-year history were as a palace, a prison and a fortress.

Royal palace trail

For hundreds of years, kings and queens have stayed at the Tower and stored their most precious and important items here. Some, such as the Crown Jewels, can still be found here today.

Follow in the footsteps of monarchs from the past and discover how they would have used the Tower and what life in a royal palace would really have been like.

Prison trail

Walk through the rooms where prisoners were held, find the graffiti that they carved into the walls and discover tales of surprising crimes and daring escapes.

Fortress trail

Discover the surprising features of William the Conqueror’s castle and imagine life as a royal knight at the Tower.

Hard copies of these three trails will be available on arrival.

Learning objectives

Each trail is structured to allow pupils to:

  • Explore history where it happened
  • Discover some of the Tower’s stories
  • Decide how useful the Tower is as a source of evidence

National Curriculum links

  • The lives of significant individuals in the past
  • Significant events beyond living memory

Booking Information

Monday to Friday (during term time).

Our trails are designed for your pupils to use in pairs or groups of three. We recommend splitting your class into three groups of ten, with two adults per group.

Free (included in £4.10 price of admission)

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Teacher notes for trails

Key information to support the use of our self led trails. Printed copies will be available on arrival at the Tower