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Normans trail for key stage 4

about this trail

Key stage 4 | Subject: History | Topic: Normans | Session Type: Self-guided trail

This self-guided historical enquiry trail is designed to support visits by GCSE History students studying the Normans.

The enquiry explores King William I's mighty fortress, the White Tower, challenging and supporting students to develop their historical argument skills by asking them to independently explore and test a contentious proposition: 'The Norman Conquest was a good thing for the Anglo-Saxons'.

A varied range of authentic physical, written and illustrative sources are provided as stimulus. Students are supported to investigate and evaluate this evidence for themselves as a part of forming their own view about the proposition.

The trail provides ideal preparation for a lively plenary where students can compare, debate and exchange views and arguments.

Learning objectives

This trail is structured to allow students to:

  • Develop their knowledge and understanding of Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, identifying relevant comparisons and contrasts.
  • Explore the legacy of invasion and the nature of society in the early Anglo-Norman period.
  • Evaluate different interpretations and primary accounts.
  • Critically investigate the proposition and make a historical claim, supported by a range of physical and written sources in context.

Exam board links

This enquiry has been designed to fit with GCSE exam board specifications. We hope a visit to the Tower of London that includes this self-guided experience can reinforce and bolster the broader enquiries students are undertaking while studying the Norman Conquest at GCSE level.

Booking Information

Monday to Friday (during term time).


To encourage collaboration, you will receive one activity trail for every two students. We advise that students work in groups of ten with a supervising adult.

£4.10 per pupil, price includes admission.

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Resources preview

Take a look at the trail resources ahead of your visit. Printed copies will be available on arrival at the Tower.