Coronations online talk

Live on Crowdcast, Wednesday 18 November 7.00pm (GMT)

Live on Crowdcast, Wednesday 18 November 7.00pm (GMT)


Wednesday 18 November, 7.00pm (GMT)

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The event will be online only, LIVE on Crowdcast. The event is free to join but we ask you to consider making a donation of £10 or whatever you can afford. 

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Lucy Worsley is joined by Public Historian, Charles Farris and the Tower of London’s Chief Exhibitor, Nivek Amichund for a discussion exploring the dazzling history of royal coronations through the centuries.

Home to the world-famous Crown Jewels, the Tower of London has played a central role in coronations - with all the pomp, pageantry and spectacle that they entail – for centuries. From glorious processions to Westminster Abbey by the likes of Queen Anne Boleyn, to the ancient ceremony of anointing Knights of the Bath that once took place within its walls, the fortress has played a part in some of the most momentous coronations in British history. The one hour online talk will offer a glimpse of some of the magnificent coronation robes that have been worn throughout history - now housed in Historic Royal Palace’s Royal Ceremonial Dress Collection - including those worn by George IV.

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Historic Royal Palaces is a self-funding charity. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on our finances and we are facing a £100 million shortfall in this year alone. 

Whilst this event is free to join, we ask you to consider making a donation of £10 or whatever you can afford.

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The Crown Jewels

The Crown Jewels, part of the Royal Collection, are the most powerful symbols of the British Monarchy. They are guarded in the Jewel House within the Tower of London.

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Warder holding the Imperial Crown of India
A Yeoman Warder in full uniform giving a tour of the Tower of London to a group of visitors. Tudor and medieval buildings can be seen in the background

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