The Queen's State Apartments

The Queen's State Apartments

Kensington Palace

Explore these cosy, private rooms that were once used by Queen Mary II for relaxation.

The Queen's State Apartments are currently hosting a creative installation by theatrical company Coney. The display tells the story of the Stuarts at Kensington. On until June.

Cosy, private rooms used for relaxation

The Queen's Staircase are deliberately plainer than the King's. Here Mary II would have glided down to reach her beloved gardens through the door at its foot.

At the top of the staircase is the Queen's Gallery which was once filled with sumptuous artefacts including; Turkish carpets, embroidered hangings and oriental porcelain.

Next door is the Queen's Closet was where Queen Anne and her childhood friend and confidante, Sarah Churchill, had a terrible argument!

The next room along is the Queen's Eating Room which has beautiful panelling from the 17th century.

Queen Mary was passionate about porcelain and filled the next room, her Drawing Room, with pieces from China.

The last room in the Queen's State Apartments is the Queen's Bedroom. It was originally Mary's bedroom but became a cosy sociable space to entertain friends.

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