Yeoman Warders

Yeoman Warders

A Yeoman Warder standing in front of the White Tower at night

A unique role at the Tower of London

What we look for

We are looking for excellent communicators who thrive in a busy customer-service environment and enjoy meeting new people everyday.

Minimum requirements

Due to the Yeoman Warder’s unique status, there is strict eligibility for joining, therefore to apply you must:

  • Be a former Warrant Officer, class 1 or 2, (or the equivalent rank in other services) and in exceptional circumstances, a Staff Sergeant, from the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force or Royal Marines
  • Hold the Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
  • Have served within the regular armed services for at least 22 years


We are now only able to accept applications when we have a vacancy and are actively recruiting for a role. However, we do retain a list of contact details for people who have expressed an interest in the role, and will inform you when we are about to advertise a vacancy to make you aware of closing dates. If you fit the criteria above and would like to be contacted about future vacancies, please contact

See our current vacancies

What does the role involve?

We've asked Yeoman Warder Moira Cameron to describe her typical day and offer an insight into this unique role.

My day… normally starts early. I go to the Byward Tower to pick up any keys and a radio, and check the board, the diary and the waite (duty roster) for any changes and information. 

Depending on the duty, I then open the post that I am on, carry out fire and safety checks and call in any issues to the Duty Supervisor. I then wait for the visitors. 

Throughout the day we carry out security checks and are a focus for the visitors to ask questions and directions. We generally try to make their visit to the Tower a good memory. At the end of the day we have a procedure that closes down the Tower to ensure that no stray visitors are still around - and there ends another good day at the Tower. 

You need to be...firm but fair, approachable and willing to help. You also have to be able to immediately control a situation. This may include getting 300 plus people to do exactly as you say as quickly as you want them to do it.

Previously I was... the Superintendent Clerk for a Brigade Headquarters. I was responsible for the day to day running of the building, organising meetings, controlling visitors and mail in and out. I was also the point of contact for the many units that we had under our Command. I was also the Personal Assistant to the Brigade Commander and Brigade Major for any meetings, internal and external visits.  A very busy, but satisfying job.

Highlights: The best bit about my job is meeting with so many lovely people on a daily basis, not just the visitors but the people who work for Historic Royal Palaces. We are very lucky. We have so many nice people to work with. It is also nice to know that even Bill Gates, with all of his billions, can’t have my address!

Lowlights: Dealing with negative people.

The essential equipment: Thermals, good footwear and the ability to smile in the face of adversity.

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