Oliver Cromwell

Oliver Cromwell

Lord Protector of England

Famous for winning the English Civil War

Cromwell emerged as the Lord Protector of England after leading the Parliamentarian side to victory. Although he’d fought to get rid of the Stuart kings, he ended up being rather like a king himself.

Cromwell at Hampton Court Palace

As Lord Protector, Oliver Cromwell moved into Hampton Court Palace where he used the former queen’s bedroom for himself. He travelled down from London to spend quiet weekends here.

He enjoyed looking at Charles I’s art collection, and also had several beautiful statues moved into the Privy Garden. One of these was the lovely statue of Diana that ended up in the middle of the Round Pond in Bushy Park. Some of Cromwell’s Puritan supporters thought that he took rather took much pleasure in looking at these statues of naked ladies!

In 1660 Charles II was invited back to England to become King.


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