The King's Gallery

The King's Gallery

Gallery designed by William Kent to contain the finest paintings of the Royal Collection

The largest State Apartment at Kensington

The largest and longest of the state apartments at Kensington Palace, the King's Gallery looks pretty much as it was when decorated for King George I in 1727.

The King's Gallery was used for displaying pictures as well as for exercise and it is dominated by a copy of Van Dyck’s noble portrait of Charles I on horseback at its east end. 

The dial positioned over the fireplace is still connected to a wind-vane on the roof so that the King could see which way the wind was blowing, where his navy was likely to be heading, and when the posts were likely to arrive. Created for King William III, it is still (amazingly) in working order. 

‘I particularly like the way the map on the wind dial rather arrogantly shows Great Britain the same size of France. That was wishful thinking – of course it’s much smaller!’ Lucy Worsley, Chief Curator

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