Sensory Palaces

Sensory Palaces

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Sensory Palaces is a health and wellbeing programme for people living with dementia and their carers. The programme engages participants in sensory storytelling in the historic spaces of our palaces.

Sensory Palaces sessions

Each Sensory Palaces session provides a chance to explore stories from the palace, participate in fun, sensory activities and build social connections. Sessions are designed to enhance mental health and wellbeing, encouraging new learning opportunities in a safe and welcoming environment.

Sessions are free for participants. They are delivered by expert freelancers, skilled in supporting people living with early ‘mild’ stage dementia and their carers.

Book your spaces for a Sensory Palaces session

Spaces for Sensory Palaces sessions are very limited. All participants must be pre-booked. We welcome bookings from individuals or organisations wishing to block-book clients or service users

All participants are required to speak to a member of the Sensory Palaces team prior to their first booking. This is to help us assess individual needs in confidence and ensure the programme meets the expectations and needs for all participants.

People living with dementia must come to sessions with a carer.

If you are interested in booking a space on an upcoming session, please email to arrange a phone discussion.

Please note sessions are suitable for people with early ‘mild’ stage dementia and their carers as defined by the Alzheimer’s Society here.

Upcoming sessions at Kew Palace



Activity description


11 April 2017

10.30 – 12.30

Bells, Battle Cries & Ballads


An interactive musical tour of Kew Palace exploring songs and music of George III’s times.

What did the King listen to?


9 May 2017

10.30 – 12.30



13 June 2017

10.30 – 12.30


Sensory Postcard from Kew Palace

Arts and craft session exploring 17th century history of Kew Palace as silk merchant’s home.

How did silk built the Kew Palace?


12 September 2017

10.30 12.30



Sessions are also available at Hampton Court Palace.

Dementia-friendly palaces

We are committed to Historic Royal Palaces being a ‘Dementia-friendly’ heritage organisation.

We deliver the Alzheimer’s Society’s ‘Dementia Friends’ information sessions for our staff and volunteers to raise awareness and understanding of the disease so that we are better able to support people living with dementia at our palaces and in our communities. We are members of the Dementia Action Alliance in Richmond.

Dementia-friendly heritage group

We lead the Dementia-friendly heritage group, a peer network comprise of 18 heritage sites across the UK who are committed to developing and sharing dementia-friendly heritage best practice. New contacts are more than welcome!

Research partners

We are embarking on an academic research project in 2017-18. We aim to measure the impact of the heritage environment on the wellbeing of people living with dementia and their carers. Researchers will be part of some of the 2017 sessions. Help us understand the impact of the programme!

Contact us

Email find out more about any aspects of Sensory Palaces, please contact





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