Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

Hampton Court Palace

Is the palace haunted?

Ghost stories and legends from Hampton Court Palace

Ghosts at Hampton Court Palace

Catherine Howard

Catherine is believed to frequent Hampton Court’s Haunted Gallery where she was dragged back screaming to her rooms while under house arrest, accused of committing adultery by her husband King Henry VIII. Catherine's ghost is known as the Screaming Lady.

Sybil Penn

Sightings of Dame Sybil Penn, servant to four Tudor monarchs, began around 1829 when the church at nearby Hampton was rebuilt and her impressive tomb moved. Sybil's ghost is known as the Grey Lady of Hampton Court Palace.   


‘Skeletor’ is the name that was given to a ghostly figure who appeared on a CCTV camera at Hampton Court Palace in October 2003. Examine the CCTV still and judge for yourself.    

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