A building history

A building history

The Tower of London from the Thames

In the early 1080s, William the Conqueror began to build the Tower of London. Successive monarchs added to the fortress over the following centuries.

Discover the history of the construction of the Tower and its role as fortress, palace and prison.

A history of the Tower's development...

  1. The Normans
    William I and the Tower's Norman beginnings
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  2. Medieval Tower
    A refuge and a base for royal power
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  3. The Tudors
    The Tower of London as royal prison
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  4. Restoration
    The Tower and the Royal Ordnance
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  5. 19th century Tower
    From fortress to ancient monument
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  6. A modern Tower
    The Tower in the 20th and 21st centuries
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  7. Further reading
    A Tower bibliography
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