Sybil Penn

Sybil Penn

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The Grey Lady of Hampton Court Palace

Sightings of Dame Sybil Penn, servant to four Tudor monarchs, began around 1829 when the church at nearby Hampton was rebuilt and her impressive tomb moved.

Sybil's old haunts

Hampton Court Palace - inside and out...

Dame Sybil – otherwise known as the ‘Grey Lady’ – has reputedly haunted several parts of the palace including the state apartments and Clock Court.

Strange ... but true?

Is there any evidence to support the stories of Sybil Penn's spectre?

She lived at Hampton Court

Dame Sybil had a long connection with Hampton Court. She was famously the nurse of Prince Edward and she also nursed Elizabeth I through smallpox at Hampton Court in 1562 only to die of the same disease herself shortly afterwards.

A weird coincidence?

Immediately after Dame Sybil’s tomb was disturbed, strange noises like those of someone working a spinning wheel were heard through a wall at Hampton Court. A search revealed a previously unknown chamber containing… an antique spinning wheel.

Ghosts at the palaces

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