Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria

Portrait of Queen Victoria

r 1837-1901

Famous for her long reign

Queen Victoria’s reign, which lasted 63 years, is one of the longest in British history.

Victoria at Kensington Palace

Victoria spent her childhood at Kensington Palace, having been born there in 1819, in the room now known as the North Drawing Room. It was part of the apartment granted to her father Edward, Duke of Kent.

It was at the Kensington Victoria learnt that her uncle had died and she was now queen. Victoria, aged just 18 years, held her accession Privy Council in the Red Saloon.

In 1898 the Queen initiated the restoration of the state apartments at Kensington Palace, which were eventually opened up to the public.

The only British monarch to have reigned for longer than Queen Victoria is Queen Elizabeth II.




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