Closures and notices

Closures and notices

The Tower of London from across the river

At times, we may have to close areas of the Tower at short notice, so please be advised of the following essential information concerning your visit. 




The top floor of the White Tower will be closed from 1 October until 31 December to allow essential maintenance work to be carried out. 



The Chapel Royal of St. Peter ad Vincula 

The chapel is a working community chapel and can sometimes close during opening hours. It is used for Sunday services and occasional weekend ceremonies. If there is an evening service or event the chapel will close after the last Yeoman Warder tour.

If you are visiting specifically to see the chapel, we recommend that you check before purchasing tickets.

Saturday 15 October - the Chapel will close at 14:30 due to a private event taking place.

Saturday 17 December - the Chapel will close at 14:30 due to a private event taking place.

Saturday 14 January 2017 - the Chapel will close at 14:30 due to a private event taking place.

Saturday 22 April 2017 - the Chapel will close at 14:30 due to a wedding taking place.

Find out more about the Chapel of St Peter ad Vincula >

Gun Salutes

Gun Salute at the Tower of London

These special commemorative firings take place on the Gun Park located on the Wharf. You do not need a Tower ticket to watch them as they can be viewed on Tower Hill, however closer views will be available inside the Tower for ticket holders.

Please note the Wharf will close at least an hour before the gun salutes and there will be no access to the parts of the Wharf during the set up and duration of the gun salutes. 

There may be more salutes but are dependent on whether state visits are planned.

Gun salutes take place at 13.00 and are 62 rounds unless otherwise stated.


Tuesday 1 November - State visit of the President of Columbia, Juan Manuel Santos

Monday 14 November - HRH the Prince of Wales's birthday

Constable's Dues

During the middle ages successive kings believed it was their right to get tolls from vessels on the Thames. The Constable of the Tower of London was allowed to demand these tolls on the king's behalf. In 1381 King Richard issued a grant that required every galley passing the Tower to present 'two roundlets of wyne' to the Constable.

More Constable Dues's will take place this year, please check back for information.


Further information

We recommend visitors allow at least 3 hours to see everything. The Tower becomes very busy during school holidays, including half terms. 

During the summer holidays from early July onwards, we expect to be extremely busy. We strongly advise arriving as early as possible. 

Please allow extra time during these periods, where queues will form for many parts of the Tower, particularly the Crown Jewels and the ticketing areas. Do try to get here early.

The last Yeoman Warder tour starts at 14.30 (winter), 15.30 (summer). If you require more information on any of the announcements listed or want advice on planning a visit, please contact us directly in the Visitor Services department.

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