William I

William I

William the Conquerer

r 1066-87

Famous for invading England in 1066

‘The Conquerer’ was the Duke of Normandy in Northern France. He defeated and killed King Harold II at the Battle of Hastings. His descendents have ruled England ever since.

William I at the Tower

To conquer England, William and the Normans built castles at strategic sites. One of the most important was the Tower of London. Although not completed until after his death, the credit for the White Tower and the choice of site belong to William the Conqueror.

Known to us now as 'The Conqueror' William was known as ‘William the Bastard’, before he conquered England, as his parents, Duke Robert ‘the Devil’ of Normandy and Herleve, the daughter of a tanner from Falaise, were not married.

The next Monarch to have a significant impact on the Tower was Henry III.

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